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    Equipping Eve: Reformation Women

    Luther, Calvin, Zwingli. Without these men and many others, there would not have been a Protestant Reformation. We owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude. But the Reformation was not only impacted by men. What about the women behind those men? What about those women who were wives or sisters of the Reformers and who influenced the movement, not just by being faithful to the calling of wife or mother, but by demonstrating faithfulness through the pen and through their bold, public courage in the face of persecution? In this episode, we will meet some of these sisters in the faith from whom we can learn so much. Click here…

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    Equipping Eve: Bell’s Broken Bible

    The Bible is God’s Word, and when we don’t treat it as such, we naturally end up with a low, skewed view of God and Christ. In this episode, we’ll discuss the latest from author and teacher Rob Bell, a prominent “Scripture twister,” and see how his views of God’s Word align with the views of its Author. Click here to listen to this episode of Equipping Eve. Here is a link to the article referenced in this episode. Share this post:

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    The Reformer You Need to Know: Meet William Farel

    Today we mark the anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church at Wittenburg. It is a great day in the history of the Church. Yes, today is Reformation Day. When we think of the Reformation, we often think of the “big names.” Men like Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Ulrich Zwingli dominate our thoughts of this era of Church history. The Master’s Seminary has helpfully shared brief details of some of those men who began the work of reformation long before that fateful day of nailing in 1517. Today, however, on this Reformation Day in 2015, I would like to introduce you…

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    Happy Birthday, John Calvin

    Today is the 504th birthday of reformer John Calvin. Though today we remember his earthly birth, it seems fitting, in light of Calvin’s life, to look at some of his words just prior to his death. As Dr. Steven Lawson records for us in his book, The Expository Genius of John Calvin, the reformer penned these words as part of his last will and testament only a month before he would step into glory and finally see his Savior face to face: In the name of God, I, John Calvin, servant of the Word of God in the church of Geneva, . . . thank God that He has shown…

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    A Cooked Goose: Remembering John Huss

    On this day in 1415, John Huss (Jan Hus) was burned at the stake due to his opposition to the heretical doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church and his faith and devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ. Foxe’s Book of Martyrs records his story: When he was brought before the Council, the articles exhibited against him were read: they were upwards of forty in number, and chiefly extracted from his writings. John Huss’s answer was this: “I did appeal unto the pope; who being dead, and the cause of my matter remaining undetermined, I appealed likewise unto his successor John XXIII: before whom when, by the space of two years, I…

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    Lawson and Luther on the Preacher’s Study of Scripture

    As Luther was committed to studying the Scriptures, so must all be who preach God’s Word. Each one who steps into the pulpit must be in humble submission to the lordship of Christ. In this lowly posture, he must engage in much Scripture reading, practice a literal interpretation, and make use of the original languages in the study of the text. Further, he must be in complete dependence on the Spirit of God to illumine his understanding of Scripture. Each one of these components is essential for grasping the true meaning of God’s Word. It is the God-given duty of each preacher to proclaim what he has come to understand…

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    Rome Killed Women, Too

    We often hear of the great martyrs of the faith throughout church history. Yet, so often these lists contain primarily the names of men—great, revered men, to whom Christians today owe a great deal. It is important to remember, however, that many women also have died for their faith throughout history. Foxe’s Book of Martyrs tells many of these stories, and I share only one of them with you today for your consideration—the story of Mrs. Cicely Ormes: This young martyr, aged twenty-two, was the wife of Mr. Edmund Ormes, worsted weaver of St. Lawrence, Norwich. At the death of Miller and Elizabeth Cooper, before mentioned, she had said that she…