• Equipping Eve

    Equipping Eve: Behold the Lamb!

    Perhaps one of the greatest declarations in Scripture is when John the Baptist sees Jesus and proclaims, "Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" Listen in as we discuss the great truth that our Good Shepherd is also the Lamb of God.

  • Devotional,  Doctrine & Theology

    The Sufficiency of Christ and His Word

    Life in today's world is all about getting "more." Man is rarely content with his circumstances or possessions, yet obtaining more fails to satisfy his longings. It is especially grievous when this quest for "more" infiltrates the professing church, because God has already provided all that we need in Christ.

  • Christmas,  Musings

    Christmas Sorrow Is Overcome By the Man of Sorrows (Repost)

    The memory plays in my mind with brilliant clarity. It’s too vivid, really, and I’d much prefer the scene to be a bit more muddled, but I am powerless to change that. December 21, 2002. Sixteen years ago. Seventeen Christmases ago. Has it been that long? I was home from college for Christmas break. It was early afternoon and my mother had just stepped into my room to tell me that my grandfather had come out of his surgery just fine. He and my grandmother would be staying in Wisconsin for Christmas, due to the fact that Grandpa just had another stent placed. Thrilled to hear he was doing well,…