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    Women Bloggers and Biblical Commands

    I once received an email from a male reader who rebuked me for not having a big, bold banner across the top of my website that announced that I was a female. The implication was that, since I was discussing biblical truth and “teaching,” I was in sin if a man visited my site, read, and learned. As you can see, that banner never did find its way to this homepage, but the issue raised is one that has never gone away. What is┬áthe role of the female blogger? Is she being disobedient to the Lord by using a venue such as this blog to discuss biblical truths? My fellow…

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    Equipping Eve: The Submissive Wife (Part 2)

    In this episode of Equipping Eve, Erin continues her discussion of biblical submission and of the recently-aired reality show, Submissive Wives. Is being a submissive wife all about checking off the right boxes? Is it all 5-course meals and blind catering to every whim? Or is there more to God’s design for marriage? Click here to listen to the latest episode of Equipping Eve. Click here for a list of resources mentioned in this episode of Equipping Eve.