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    Remembering William Tyndale

    Each day, millions of Christians open a Bible and read the written Word of God that is graciously given to us by the Creator of the universe. Many of these same Christians possess multiple copies of this Word. Various translations and bindings, sizes and formats may fill the bookshelf of any blessed believer. Sitting among the comforts of Western society, sipping tea while feasting upon this Word, it is all too easy to forget that the Scripture resting in our lap has sailed down to us on a sea of blood.

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    More Than a Pansy

    What do we do when God says, "Flourish" and we say, "Wait, what? I can't do that here, Lord!"? What do we do when contentment is hard because, at the end of it all, we simply don't like where we are or what is happening?

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    Just One Bite (Repost)

    Sin may be likened to a mosquito bite. It starts as one small pin prick, but once the skin has been broken, that bite begins to itch. And each time we succumb to and scratch it, the welt grows.

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    Christmas Sorrow Is Overcome By the Man of Sorrows (Repost)

    The memory plays in my mind with brilliant clarity. It’s too vivid, really, and I’d much prefer the scene to be a bit more muddled, but I am powerless to change that. December 21, 2002. Sixteen years ago. Seventeen Christmases ago. Has it been that long? I was home from college for Christmas break. It was early afternoon and my mother had just stepped into my room to tell me that my grandfather had come out of his surgery just fine. He and my grandmother would be staying in Wisconsin for Christmas, due to the fact that Grandpa just had another stent placed. Thrilled to hear he was doing well,…