Content Usage Policy

Thanks for your interest in sharing or republishing content from DNBS! As with anything, there are a few rules you need to follow:

What Content You Can Use and How

You are not only free but encouraged to share links to any DNBS content via email and social media, including quotations. I’ll love you for it! Just include a link to the post for any quote, please!

You are free to reference or quote up to 200 words of any of text content in your own blog articles, presentations, documents, etc., as long as you honor the Content Attribution Policy below.

Unfortunately, you cannot republish in full any DNBS text-based content (blog articles) on the web. Why? Well, first, duplicate content is bad for SEO. More importantly, I want to ensure that as many people as possible may be exposed to the biblical teaching published here.

You are not only free but encouraged to print posts or articles from DNBS for use in a small group or Sunday School! Please let me know if you do! Again, please also honor the Content Attribution Policy below.

You cannot make money off of the content on DNBS. It is posted here for free, so you need to keep it free by passing it along.

You cannot claim DNBS content as your original ideas (i.e. using DNBS content and publishing it on a blog or site as your own). Instead, please just share the original link. Thank you!

Content Attribution Policy

Attribute Do Not Be Surprised ( as the source.

If you repost a portion of DNBS content on the web, please link to the original post you are referencing.

If you print a post or part of a post for use in Sunday school or a small group or other setting, please include the full link (URL) to the page on the printed material.

Above all, thanks for reading and thanks for sharing!

**Adapted from HubSpot’s content usage guidelines.