I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a career woman. Greater than all of these things is that I am a sinner who is a recipient of God’s great grace and mercy. Years ago, He brought me to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and Do Not Be Surprised was born some time after that. Beginning first as a typical “discernment blog,” DNBS evolved over the years, no longer bearing the label of a “discernment ministry,” but rather striving to solely exalt Christ, keeping the reader’s focus on Him and His Word. I pray you find its current resources to be edifying, challenging, and encouraging.

In light of the dearth of doctrinally sound resources available to Christian women, I also desire to see women equipped with the truth of God’s Word. As part of that pursuit, God graciously granted me the opportunity to serve my sisters in Christ through Equipping Eve, a podcast and ministry designed specifically for ladies.

I am continually grateful to the Lord for choosing to lift me out of my own self-deception. My daily prayer is that God would strengthen me to pursue His kingdom and His righteousness so that Christ alone may be exalted.