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This ‘n’ That

Well, Thanksgiving is over and it is officially acceptable to play Christmas music. But admit it, you’ve already started listening to it, haven’t you?

I expect that most people are enjoying leftovers and a day off work today, so I’ll keep things short.

In spite of the weirdness that 2020 has been, we all have much for which to be thankful. I hope this weekend brings you opportunity to reflect on that and bring your thanks to the Lord for His goodness and kindness. Beyond that, I hope you find time in between bites of pie to enjoy your week in review (kind of):

  • This is one of the greatest Christmas songs of all time, but it doesn’t seem to fit into the Sunday Praise posts, so I thought I’d share it here.
  • God is greater than our fear.
  • The day Lucy said goodbye to Ethel.
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Actually, I have noticed this. I’m not sure it has the deliberate significance the article tries to attribute to it, but it’s an interesting theory.
  • If your family members were Jane Austen characters for this year’s Zoom Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is good but thanks-living is better.

Matthew Henry

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