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This ‘n’ That

Well, it’s September. For some that means pumpkin everything and fall colors. For the rest of us, it means clinging to the last few weeks of summer and the few final blooms on our flowers before the mums pop open to say hello.

In defense of keeping summer around as long as possible, fall doesn’t officially begin until later this month. So while I’ll happily eat any pumpkin-infused baked good you set before me, I’m also still going to relish a fresh peach crisp.

I love fall, so I always feel a bit conflicted this time of year. I’m sad to see the summer colors fade from the landscaping, but I love the reality of cooler evenings and autumn breezes. Not to mention, the fall-themed Hallmark movies are much better than those that take place in the summer (yes, that was a joke. I realize all Hallmark movies are the same. That’s what makes them [mostly] wonderful).

So, as we clutch tightly to these last few official days of summer, let’s still pour a glass of iced tea, settle into our patio chair, and enjoy our week in review (kind of):

  • More church history with Simonetta Carr.
  • Trafficking is real and it may be in your backyard. Note that one of these arrests was a church youth director. Our churches are not the safe places they are supposed to be.
  • Love this lineup of classic female authors and their furry friends.
  • Sigh. It doesn’t have to be like this. Why can’t people just follow the rules?
  • Here’s what a volcano looks like from space.
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Okay, I kind of see the resemblance, but this still doesn’t really look like Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy.
  • Vaccines are important, but rushed vaccines aren’t wise.
  • People from Kentucky are an interesting bunch.
  • This is a neat interview with “Little Ricky.”
  • Sometimes God’s silence feels overwhelming, but He is still working.

Cast your burden on the Lord,
and he will sustain you;
he will never allow the righteous to be shaken.

Psalm 55:22 (CSB)
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