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Okay, as I’m writing this, it’s 5:30 on Thursday evening. It’s pouring down rain. I’ve been working all day and now need to run errands (and did I mention it’s pouring down rain?). Normally I love a summer rain. Summer thunderstorms are even better, though my cat would disagree. The timing on this downpour is unfortunate, though, because who wants to tote a grocery cart in the rain? Were I scheduling the weather, this rain would have come overnight, to make errands easier and to allow for a nice evening walk.

But it’s not about my timing. It’s about God’s timing. Everything is according to His timetable. Yes, everything. Even minor things. Even the seemingly nonessential goings-on in our lives. Everything. The pandemic? God’s timing. Government mandates? God’s timing. That random person you ended up talking to in the store (while wearing a mask, of course) when all you wanted to do was get your groceries and go home? God’s timing. All by God’s timing.

We’re really good at grumbling when things don’t go our way. At least I am, and I don’t think I’m alone. But I am constantly convicted by remembering the reality that His timing is perfect. And so often—many more times than I can count—He allows me to see His goodness and kindness in the way that things eventually are resolved. I have yet to have an experience that, though it did not go according to my plan, did not end up being for my good. Resulting, of course, in grateful glory to God.

With that, hopefully God’s timing will allow you time to enjoy your week in review (kind of):

  • I will never understand how anyone can deny the reality of the Holocaust.
  • By the grace of God we change, grow, and bear fruit. But only through Him; we cannot succeed on our own.
  • Simonetta Carr tells us about Benjamin Dutton.
  • This might be my favorite tweet of the week.
  • God doesn’t need you—or me—to save the church.
  • Here’s more on John Powell, the Texas pastor who died so tragically a short time ago.
  • I used to work at J.Crew when I was in college. It’s so strange to see so many businesses we’ve always known, start to go out of business.
  • I love that this is going to happen!
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Olivia de Havilland passed away.
  • How can anyone deny the reality of the Holocaust?
  • Here are a few of the lives that have been lost in recent months.
  • How biblical is our idea of biblical womanhood?

Perhaps the test of our faith lies not in gathering together when we’ve been told not to, but in whether we trust that Christ will continue to build His church in spite of the present circumstances.

Me (sorry, I was low on quotes this week)

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