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There’s an older gentleman in my neighborhood who fascinates me by his dedication. “Elderly” seems an odd descriptor for him, because he hardly acts in a way that seems elderly.

Every morning I watch from my office window as he makes his way to the neighborhood pond. He lives a distance away, but faithfully makes the trek each day. Carrying a bag of what I can only assume is feed for the visiting ducks, he never misses a morning. Today as I write this it is damp, having rained all night. It may even be misting now, though I can’t tell from the confines of my office. Still he walks. Determined, yet peaceful.

I don’t know much more about this man, save for the fact that he’s one of the friendlier souls in the neighborhood. Why is this his morning ritual? What prompted it? Does he share stories with his wife when he returns home, telling her of the ducks’ excitement over breakfast, or noting who he said “hello” to along the way? I don’t know.

We would all do well to form a morning routine (if we have not already) that challenges us to pause before the busyness of the day begins. Taking time to enjoy God’s creation, to thank Him for it, and to spend quiet moments in prayer with Him are all marvelous ways to set our minds right for the day. Is that what my neighbor is doing? I have no idea, but he is what encourages me to expand my own quiet moments each morning before the day begins.

Okay, whether you’re reading this in the morning hours or as you drift off to sleep, I hope you enjoy your week in review (kind of):

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  • Alistair Begg returned to his sermon series on 1 Samuel this past Sunday. It was a good one!

The Indwelling of Christ by faith…is to have Jesus Christ continually in one’s eye, a habitual sight of Him. I call it so because a man actually does not always think of Christ; but as a man does not look up to the sun continually, yet he sees the light of it…. So you should carry along and bear along in your eye the sight and knowledge of Christ, so that at least a presence of Him accompanies you, which faith makes.

Thomas Goodwin
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