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Wind can be really powerful, can’t it? As I sit here typing these words, we’re nearing the end of a very muggy and extremely windy day. The chairs have traveled across the porch more than once today, and the hanging flower pots look like they may be getting dizzy from spinning around so much!

This started me thinking about all the mentions of wind in Scripture. Jesus himself controls the wind (Matthew 8:27; Mark 4:41), and that truth is clearly demonstrated as early as Genesis.

Remember how the waters of the flood subsided? God sent a wind (Genesis 8:1). How about the plague of locusts in Exodus 10? God caused an east wind to bring the locusts, and a west wind to carry them away.

It would be a fascinating study, I think, to investigate the power of the wind in Scripture. In the powerful bellows of a tempest, we sense God’s power and strength. Yet that same God causes a gentle morning breeze to pass over the most delicate flower without disrupting one petal.

Pondering matters such as this leaves me speechless, both out of awe and out of purely being overwhelmed. Our great God controls even the wind, and yet not one tear drops from our eyes that He does not see. Wow.

These weekly posts are becoming increasingly difficult to prepare because interesting links are becoming more rare, it seems. I’m not quite sure what that means for the format of these posts moving forward, but I’m trying to tap into my creativity gene to figure out the best way to keep them coming so that you still have an opportunity to enjoy your week in review (kind of):

  • This is a helpful post if you’re interested in fountain pens at all.
  • Now I’m interested to learn more about William Perkins.
  • For now, though, I’m reading this and the price of the book is worth it for the introduction alone.
  • I didn’t experience the same type of slow down during the pandemic, but I greatly appreciated this post encouraging us to beware of busyness.
  • I don’t know if this is real, but I really hope it is.
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • You won’t regret listening to this Christmas sermon in June.
  • I love seeing a woodpecker at our bird feeder, so I looked up some fun facts about these sometimes noisy birds.

Restlessness and impatience change nothing except our peace and joy. Peace does not dwell in outward things, but in the heart prepared to wait trustfully and quietly on Him who has all things safely in His hands.

Elisabeth Elliot
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