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How is it Memorial Day weekend already? Honestly, March and April each lasted about 6 years, and now May has disappeared before it even started. In fact, I just realized yesterday that I still hadn’t turned my calendar over to May, and now the month is almost over! Although, perhaps that’s why it seemed like April lasted so long! Around here, we are still waiting for those “April showers” to end. So I guess (at least, I hope) that all the May showers we’ve seen will bring June flowers.

Sometimes it’s difficult to feel or find joy in the midst of ongoing gloom, be it weather-related, virus-related, or just overall life-related. And we all know how unhelpful it is for someone to heap more darkness on us by turning that lack of joy into a burden by telling us we are sinning by feeling glum. It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to not feel like smiling and it’s okay to not be okay. What we must be mindful of as Christians, though, is that we do not turn in on ourselves. It’s very easy in times like this to turn inward, focus on our own perceived woes, and lose sight of the big picture.

What’s the big picture? God is in control. He not only knew that all of this would happen, He ordained it. He is not surprised. And above all, dear Christian, He has chosen you and you belong to Him. Your rest and your joy is in Jesus and Him alone. Even if everything earthly topples around us, He remains steadfast. He remains our strength and our joy and our promise. We must keep our eyes fixed fast on Him.

I pray that thought comforts you this day as it does me. With that, why don’t you kick back and start this long weekend by enjoying your week in review (kind of):

  • God’s truth both sharpens and comforts.
  • I read Aimee Byrd’s newest book last weekend. I was looking forward to it and wasn’t disappointed. Here’s an interview she did recently with the Christian Post.
  • Ken Osmond (aka Eddie Haskell) died this week. Anyone else in the mood for a Leave It To Beaver marathon?
  • What a great resource (if you like and know New Testament Greek, anyway)!
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Yep, I’ve experienced what Fitzpatrick is describing here.
  • It’s about time they wrap this one up.
  • There’s a lot of not great things going on at Cedarville.
  • Listen. Nobody likes wearing a mask. But, with a couple exceptions, it’s not going to kill you to do it. It’s not about you or your comfort or even your health. It’s about others. I don’t understand why that’s so difficult for people—particularly professing Christians—to understand.
  • This thread comparing Angela Lansbury to teapots will not disappoint you.

God works with power, and can make the unwilling willing; if He undertakes the conversion of a soul, it will be converted. All the pious workings of our heart towards God are the fruit and consequence of the powerful working of His grace in us.

Thomas Goodwin
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