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Lessons Learned: An Introduction

In the corporate world, we often rally a team at the conclusion of a big project and share lessons learned. This helps those who worked on the project reflect on what went well and what they can do better next time. It helps those not involved to learn from others’ experiences. Finally, it helps all participants grow and become stronger employees.

My life has been a series of strange experiences. Strange, because I never would have anticipated them or scripted them myself. In all of them, God has been good and has proven Himself faithful. Of course, that is no surprise. He is good and He is faithful and I, like all of you, have many lessons I have learned.

Lately I find myself reflecting on these many circumstances and the various lessons God taught me by and through them. I thought it might be helpful—and even worshipful—to record them here. This serves as a reminder of God’s goodness to me personally. For you, I hope it will bring encouragement and application.

Don’t worry, I don’t intend to approach this like a personal journal (nobody wants to read that!). Rather, I hope you’ll find these posts intensely practical, as the lessons have been for me. Something conservative Christianity seems to have lost is the realization that we not only serve a high and lofty God, but we serve a personal Christ whose work inside of us manifests itself in practical, everyday ways. When we lose sight of this, we fail to see His work in the ordinary, and we tend to think we cannot serve Him unless we are doing something extraordinary.

I have found that His work in the ordinary is extraordinary, and I’m left in awe of His grace in using all things to conform me to the image of His Son. Subsequent posts will, I pray, demonstrate this, and I hope you’ll join me in this time of reflection.

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