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You know what’s fun? Traveling on a plane amid an outbreak of a new, unknown, deadly virus. You know what’s more fun? Taking a shuttle to the airport and being dropped off by the international arrivals (even though you’re flying domestically), and seeing a whole plane full of people wearing face masks. It’s not unsettling at all. (If we were having coffee across the table from one another, here’s where you would witness a hard eye-roll.)

The moral of the story? Stay home. Especially if you’re sick or if you don’t absolutely have to travel. The other moral of the story? Don’t eat bats or stand near those who do (I want to say I’m joking about that, but bats? Really? No, that’s just not okay).

Levity aside, the new coronavirus outbreak is yet another reminder of the Fall, the effects of sin, and of the frailness of our human bodies. It makes me long for Christ’s return! But, since He hasn’t arrived yet, I suppose we may as well take a few moments to enjoy the week in review (kind of):

  • Sigh. Why does this not surprise me?
  • I want this to be cool, but it just sounds like me when I’m disagreeing about something.
  • I first learned about Kobe Bryant’s death on Sunday while I was mid-flight. It hits close to home, as I used to live near the location of the crash. May this remind us of the brevity of life, and of the absolute necessity of proclaiming the gospel of Christ at every opportunity.
  • What did Jesus think about the Old Testament?
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • I’m light on links this week, so here’s another dose.
  • The new “gender-inclusive” (what is that even supposed to mean?) emojis are, um, interesting.
  • Aww, I love this. I will be watching for this commercial!

How sweet is rest, after fatigue! How sweet will Heaven be, when our toilsome journey is ended. 

George Whitefield
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