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Confession time: I have a bit of a mug addiction.

It’s true, I have difficulty walking away from a sturdy, adorable, functional mug. Thankfully my frugality keeps me in line, and when I do make a purchase, I tend to only buy reasonably-priced drinking vessels. I also have limited cupboard space, so that helps keep the addiction under control. Naturally, though, when I spotted a jack-o-lantern mug on sale, I couldn’t resist it.

The first time I used this new mug, I had to laugh. Not because I’m a grown adult drinking out of a jack-o-lantern mug (although that certainly warrants a chuckle), but because there was a time not too many years ago when I would have shunned the idea of such a Halloween-themed purchase. There was a time when I felt that even carving pumpkins was giving too much attention to such an evil celebration. In short, there was a time when I was a pretty annoying legalist, though not a very easily identifiable one. That is because the thinking that influenced me was dangerously subtle.

While that is a whole other story that is far too long for this forum, the point I wish to arrive at is this: God is good. He used that time in my life then and continues to use it now in so many ways. He is good to bring clarity to His children. He is kind to have such patience with us as we grow into Christ’s likeness. I am thankful for a kind, good, and patient God.

So now, while I believe Christians should still shun the darkness associated with Halloween, I also say, go carve that pumpkin. Put a candle in it and set it out on your front porch. But first, take some time to enjoy your week in review (kind of):

  • I am over-the-moon excited for this. I can’t wait.
  • “Jesus didn’t jump all over people who were guilty of sin. To the immoral woman of Samaria, he offered the living water of eternal life. He offered her a wonderful gift, before her sins even entered the conversation. Yes, he discussed her sins at a later point, but in a tender way.”
  • Interesting thoughts on the fruit of the Spirit and Stoicism.
  • I know there’s a subset of professing Christians who eschew all things medical and pharmaceutical, but I often wonder what would happen if they or a loved one were diagnosed with cancer. Would the pharmaceutical companies developing treatments no longer be demonized by these people? You see, stories like this are why clinical research is important.
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • These quotes will make your skin crawl.
  • Parents, this looks like a good book.
  • I wasn’t familiar with Clement Read Vaughan.

When you and I surrendered to Jesus as Lord, we did not offer Him the services of a divine, or even semi-divine creature to strengthen His kingdom; we offer Him the fragile, temporary, mortal, frail life that He has first given to us. That is all we have to offer.

‘For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust’ (Ps. 103:14)

Christopher Ash
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