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Yesterday morning, I was remembering and reflecting on God’s goodness to me even before He saved me.

Erroneously believing I was a Christian, I attended a Christian university and majored in Religious Studies. But, though the school identified as Christian, it was of a liberal bent, and I consequently found myself exposed to ideas I’d never heard before. In spite of my unregenerate state, the Lord protected me from falling prey to liberal and sometimes mystical theology. All these years later, I still thank Him for His protection.

The list goes on. If you were saved later in life, I suspect your list is rather lengthy, too. Isn’t it marvelous to realize the kindness of God to protect us even before we willingly confessed Him as Lord and Savior? It truly is a demonstration of His grace and His monergistic work in salvation. I encourage you to take some time this weekend to reflect on God’s goodness to you in the past. It will no doubt cause you to praise Him again, and give you greater assurance for today and many tomorrows.

For now, though, I invite you to sit back, pour a cup of tea (or coffee or soda or water or whatever) and enjoy your week in review (kind of):

  • Personally, I have my own family recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds, but I am intrigued by the recipes here for sweet or spiced versions.
  • I suspect we all could learn to be better listeners.
  • Can you picture your mail delivery person (yes, I’m being purposefully gender neutral with my words because my mail is delivered by a woman) in one of these new rides?
  • I may have posted this in the past, but it’s worth considering the difference between uniformity and unity again.
  • I hope we’re praying for Kanye West.
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Jane Grey is one of my favorite figures of the Reformation. I can’t wait to meet her one day.

Live to die, that by death you may enter into eternal life, and then enjoy the life that Christ has gained for you by His death. Don’t think that just because you are now young your life will be long, because young and old as God wills.

Lady Jane Grey
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