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It’s hard to believe that August is drawing to a close! While summer is not yet officially over, it is starting to feel a bit like fall around here with cooler air and a crisp breeze. Still, I’m not quite ready to start consuming all things pumpkin-flavored yet. In my opinion, August is far too early for that! I know lots of people disagree with me, but rest assured, I do have plans to start enjoying autumn flavors once the “ber” months begin.

In spite of the unfavorable side effects it brings with it (like migraines and allergies), I do really enjoy the fall season. I only wish it would stick around a bit longer than it usually does! It’s as though the colors of summer offer their final hurrah in the fall before going to sleep for the winter. I’m eager for the mums in my front landscaping to bloom. They’ve grown rather large over the summer and will hopefully add a delightful pop of color to these darkening days! And, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a Green Bay Packers fan, which means I love the advent of fall because it means football is back.

For now, though, let us in the northern hemisphere enjoy the last few days of summer. Don’t be too eager to don sweaters and scarves, because once you do, you can’t revert to flip-flops and shorts again for many, many months. The change of seasons, like all things God created, is good. Let’s embrace and enjoy it.

So while you sip your PSL, tea, soda, or water, why not sit back and enjoy your final week of August in review (kind of):

  • I never accepted that Pluto wasn’t a planet. The mnemonic device I learned in school to remember the order of the planets didn’t work without it, so I’m glad to welcome it back.
  • If I blogged using emojis, this is where I’d insert the “eyeroll” emoji.
  • We can pray for this man’s family.
  • This is why pharmaceutical research is so important.
  • There are so many reasons why Todd Bentley is not qualified to call himself a pastor.
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Some good thoughts in here. From my observation, and for whatever my opinion is worth (not much, I know), I’d say pastors, don’t use your pulpit as a bully pulpit for current trends and topics. Just preach the Word. That’s what you’ve been called to do.
  • Alex Trebek is quite the fighter! Looking forward to Season 36.

I am profoundly grateful to God that He did not grant me certain things for which I asked, and that He shut certain doors in my face.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
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