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I can’t be sure, but I might be mildly addicted to reruns of Password Plus. Hey, do not judge me until you’ve watched it. I guarantee you’ll be hooked by the end of the first episode.

There’s something reassuring about those old game shows and sitcoms. While I’m sure for the most part life wasn’t actually easier “back in the day,” I do know that it was at least simpler merely due to the fact that you didn’t have to shuffle through 500 cable channels to find something to watch on TV! In fact, here we are in a time when there truly are hundreds of channels available to us, and when I do watch TV, I view classic reruns on Amazon Prime. That’s certainly a commentary on the direction our entertainment has taken.

Watching those reruns the other night, I thought to myself how different a game like Password would be today. No doubt the words chosen would be risqué and inappropriate. No doubt watching a game show—which should be family-friendly—would be an experience not fit for family viewing.

I’m not naïve, I realize some game shows of yesteryear were less than suitable for young viewers. The Dating Game and anything with Richard Dawson come to mind. Still, it’s undeniable that our society has plunged itself into a quagmire of inappropriateness. We truly are living in Romans 1. We’re surrounded by it in every sphere of our lives. Thankfully, there is a future hope for Christians. We know that this world is not our home.

But, for now we are here and while we wait to go home we may as well be enjoying our week in review (kind of):

  • These stories are all so awful and heartbreaking to hear. These things shouldn’t be happening in the church.
  • Do we understand what it means to glorify God?
  • Alyssa Milano’s constant ignorant, unfeeling commentary is nauseating.
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • B.B. Warfield was in Dayton? Dayton, Ohio? Who knew!
  • Yeah, no, this shouldn’t be happening (but are we surprised?).
  • It frightens me to think that this headline needed to be written.

We have but one Saviour; and that one Saviour is Jesus Christ our Lord. Nothing that we are and nothing that we can do enters in the slightest measure into the ground of our acceptance with God. Jesus did it all.

B.B. Warfield
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