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One of my favorite things about summer, particularly where I currently live, is the baby ducks. I know I talk about this almost every year but they are so cute that I can’t help it! Watching them waddle in a line behind their mother makes me smile every time. 

Did you know that ducklings don’t have waterproof feathers? According to the website Sciencing,

An oil gland near the tail of adult ducks provides the waterproof cover. Ducklings get some waterproof covering from their mother’s oil gland, which helps to keep their body temperature steady and helps them avoid drowning. After about two months, ducklings have feathers that enable them to fly, thus becoming independent.

God surely has designed a fascinating creation, and watching Him care for it in the way He’s ordered nature is indeed a blessing and an encouragement. After all, if He cares even for the duckling, will He not care even more for those whom He has chosen from before the foundation of the world? Reflecting on God’s providence and sovereignty always brings me peace, and I’m thankful He’s so gracious to put it on display for us.

Well, I hope your June is off to a good start. Let’s start the weekend right by enjoying our week in review (kind of):

  • Is it possible to be so concerned with discernment that we lose sight of Christ? I really appreciated this article at The Outspoken Tulip.
  • Last Sunday, President Trump showed up at McLean Bible Church, where David Platt pastors, and asked for prayer. Platt brought him on stage and prayed for him. Personally, I have no problem with this. It’s not like it’s a weekly occurrence, and we should be thrilled with any opportunity to speak the gospel to our president. Apparently, however, a lot of people were angered or even, ahem, “traumatized,” by this. I guess the Bible’s instruction to pray for our leaders only applies to leaders we like and with whom we agree.
  • Did you see him finally lose?
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • The latest “State of the Bible” survey is out.
  • Let’s not worry about changing the world.
  • “God knows what is best and God makes no mistakes.”

When we lose sight of God, we will inevitably lose faith and heart for the battle. We will begin to view the challenge from a purely human perspective.

Alistair Begg 
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