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Well, it’s happened: My Bible reading plan is annoying me.

I know, some of you just anathematized me. Note that I didn’t say the Bible was annoying me, just the plan. This year I opted to follow a chronological reading plan, which I don’t recall doing in the past. While I appreciate the general approach, flipping back and forth between books to read 3-4 verses at a time is, in my current opinion, not an overly edifying or helpful technique. As I see it, then, the plan is hindering me from the pure enjoyment that comes with opening God’s Word.

Now for the real deliberation. Do I stop and switch to a new reading plan? Do I keep going now that I’m nearly halfway through the year? Or, do I stop the plan and go full-on rebel by creating my own plan for the foreseeable future? The possibilities are many and varied.

For the record, Bible reading plans aren’t a requirement for Christians, but they are helpful tools in keeping us in the Word daily. I don’t believe they are a substitute for in-depth study, but certain plans may work well alongside whatever your chosen study method is. Whatever approach we may take, we, as children of the living God, must be in His Word often! How else can we come to know and love our Savior more?

Now that May flowers are beginning to pop up around us, take some time to pause, enjoy their fragrance, and then enjoy your somewhat skinny week in review (kind of):

  • I encourage you to watch this if you haven’t already.
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Sproul on the design and scope of the atonement.
  • Warren Wiersbe went home to be with the Lord yesterday.
  • I recently downloaded Mary Rowlandson’s book and am looking forward to reading it.

Perhaps no grace is less prayed for, or less cultivated than gentleness.  Indeed it is considered rather as belonging to natural disposition or external manners, than as a Christian virtue; and seldom do we reflect that not to be gentle is sin.

George Bethune
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