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I wasn’t very curious as a child. I tended to be very observant, but quietly so. I think I just collected all those observations, storing them for pondering at a later time. That’s why, today, I find myself asking random, usually unimportant questions. Perhaps it is the advent of Google, and the ability to at least obtain a speculative answer to one’s question that makes me a bit more inquisitive nowadays.

For instance, this morning I found myself wondering, “Why are cashews so addictive?” Admit it, above all other nuts, cashews are the most liable to disappear from that snack dish. Why? Is it the hint of sweetness that they carry, or the fact that they don’t break your jaw when you bite down on a handful of them? Why are they so magnificently delicious? While these questions don’t keep me up at night, they do occasionally distract me during my waking hours.

I attempted to answer my question this morning, but Google was unhelpful, unless you want to turn to anecdotal musings as authoritative source. As far as I can tell, no well-controlled, randomized clinical trials have been conducted on the effects of cashews on the brain, though it might not be a bad idea. I’d sign up to participate in that study!

Whether we typically voice our queries aloud or keep them to ourselves to ponder in our bored moments, it is obvious that our creative Father has made us to be inquisitive creatures. This is why the Bible, our Lord’s Word, is so fascinating. So often, when a spiritual question arises, we find that careful study of the Word will reveal the answer to us. And for those questions that simply cannot be fully comprehended by the human brain (e.g., the hypostatic union, the Trinity, the concept of eternity past and future, etc.), that is where we are called upon to trust our great God and trust that He, in His sovereignty, has kept hidden from us what is not necessary to understand in full. This is where we rest and rejoice in the reality that His ways and thoughts are higher than ours (Isaiah 55:9). This is where we praise Him for being so high and lofty, and at the same time so personal and loving. What a marvelous Father He is!

Okay, now that I’ve instilled in you a hankering for cashews, why not grab a handful and then sit back to enjoy your week in review (kind of):

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  • loved this; it was just what I needed to read this week!
  • I’m always astonished at our willingness to over-share information on social media. Being a wise steward of these spaces means not letting our narcissism overshadow our common sense.
  • These short biographies offer such wonderful insight into church history.
  • Seriously, the liberal media needs to find a new hobby.
  • Um
  • Here is your weekly dose of adorable (HT to Amy!).
  • I have a soft spot for causes that benefit our brave veterans. Since I’m also a Packers fan (yes, even after this past season), I loved this.
  • If you’re looking to misuse Scripture (I hope you’re not!) here are 10 ways to do it.

We are too prone to take our daily blessings and mercies as rights, instead of receiving them as undeserved gifts of “free grace and dying love,” and then returning to our gracious God the full measure of loving gratitude of which our poor hearts are capable. —Susannah Spurgeon

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