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For lack of better material, I thought I’d share my Friday morning with you.

It started early, probably around 4:45 or so, or at least that’s my best estimate. That’s when my cat began, in vain, to try to wake me. The poor little guy tried for at least an hour before I conceded. When I finally did drag myself out of bed, I felt as though I hadn’t slept at all. It’s been one of those weeks. Actually, it’s been one of those months.

Later, I spotted a “Congratulations!” sign in my neighbor’s front yard. Their son is graduating from high school this weekend which makes me feel, well, old. I still remember a couple years ago when he came home driving for the first time and I realized that I had been driving longer than he had been alive.

God certainly has interesting ways of reminding us of our frailty and finiteness. We ought to appreciate these, though, lest we become complacent in our lives. For me, it is a reminder to be busy with the work of His kingdom. Unfortunately, this purpose becomes lost all too easily in the busyness and demands of today’s world. When we’ve just graduated from high school, we anticipate our whole life ahead of us. Then, in a blink, a decade passes, then another, then another, and we wonder where the time has gone and what we’ve truly done with it. This ought not to be so for Christians, though, for service to Christ is always of eternal value.

So, young or old, press on, friend, and keep your eyes fixed on our great Savior and Lord! And if you pause to take a break today, use that time to enjoy your week in review (kind of):

  • Having never been someone who really got into journaling, I found these thoughts from my friend, DebbieLynne, really insightful. Be mindful of your motives!
  • This happened this week, which I think is very cool.
  • Three guesses as to where we find the first promise of the Messiah!
  • Um…this is creepy. Remind me not to move to Canada.

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  • The Old Testament sacrifices could never take away sin.
  • Oh yeah, we’re definitely dumber than our grandparents.
  • I think archaeology is fascinating, and I love that discoveries consistently demonstrate the truth of the Bible.
  • Since Jesus affirmed the Old Testament, we probably shouldn’t “unhitch” ourselves from it, but unfortunately, Marcionism is alive and well.
If by excessive labor we die before reaching the average age of man, worn out in the Master’s service, then glory be to God. We shall have so much less of earth and so much more of heaven. It is our duty and our privilege to exhaust our lives for Jesus. — Charles Spurgeon
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