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Well, I hope that all of my American readers enjoyed a restful and filling Thanksgiving yesterday. As for me, I started the day with pie (see picture to the left) and ended the day tired from eating too much pie. We also held to tradition here and put together a puzzle while enjoying Christmas music in the background. In other words, Thanksgiving was a success.

Since many of us are likely still recovering from our food comas, and will probably find ourselves in a similar state today after raiding the leftovers, we’re going to keep it short, sweet, and simple today. Not surprisingly, the amount of newly-generated, read-worthy content was a bit lacking this week, but I hope you appreciate the few articles I’ve selected. So, in between your Black Friday shopping (does anybody actually go to the stores anymore?) and your second-day turkey and pie, I hope you take a few moments to enjoy your week in review (kind of):

  • This report from the New York Times is obviously and unsurprisingly biased. Still, it’s refreshing to hear someone like Dr. Georgia Purdom have a voice in the conversation. God will use His truth when it is faithfully proclaimed!
  • Gossip is not just spreading lies about a person.
  • Some good questions to consider as you look to join a local church.
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Are the five solas biblical?
  • God’s goodness doesn’t always feel good, but it always is.
  • I found this article interesting, as well as the links contained therein.
  • This is an oldie, but still worth reading. John MacArthur on the atheist’s Thanksgiving dilemma.
  • If you recall, in last week’s post, I opened up the possibility for not always including a sermon in each This ‘n’ That. As it turns out, many of you don’t have time to watch the messages that are posted, so we’re going to try something new. One reader suggested posting a quote at the end of each post, and I think that is a great idea! So, from time to time I may still post a sermon or brief video, but other times I’ll include a quote from various Christian thinkers. Let me know what you think!
Since God has a Son of his own, and such a Son, how wonderful God’s love in adopting us! We needed a Father, but He did not need sons. (Thomas Watson)
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  • Peter Lewis

    That ending quote is something else. By the fourth time through I had tears in my eyes. How in the world can one sentence do that? Keep the good stuff coming, Erin.