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Well, it’s November 3. Reformation Day—particularly the 500th anniversary—is now in the past. You may have noticed that I didn’t post anything specifically for Reformation Day on October 31. The reason for that was twofold: 1) in the hustle and bustle of life, the blog had to be placed on the back burner, and with the plethora of posts available on the topic, I figured nobody would mind or notice if I skipped it, and 2) while October 31, 2017 was a wonderful opportunity to remember the “official” start of the Reformation, it is hardly final. Just as the Reformation began before October 31, 1517, so too does it continue beyond October 31, 2017.

The Reformation wasn’t about an event, it was about truth. It was about a reinvigoration of God’s Word among the people. It was about a reintroduction of that same Word. The gospel message of justification by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone, that message that had been deliberately veiled by men for centuries, had finally been propelled back into the spotlight, illuminated by the truth of Christ. The Bible, closed for so long to common men, was blown open and could no longer be contained.

The truths celebrated and taught by the Reformers are the same truths to which we cling today, and in fact, they are the same truths taught long before Martin Luther picked up his mallet. The truth of the gospel has been around for far longer than 500 years. It is truth for life, not truth for a day.

Thank God for those men and women who paved the way for the Reformers. Thank Him for the men and women of the Reformation proper, and thank Him for those who still stand firm on that same biblical truth. Most of all, thank Him for that truth and praise the One who is Truth and Life.

Also, now that November is here, we can finally start listening to Christmas music! So while I go rock around the Christmas tree (just kidding, my tree won’t be up for another month!) why don’t you hum your favorite holiday tune while you enjoy your week in review (kind of):

  • I still have a few Reformation-themed links, so I hope you don’t mind. Let’s start with this for consideration: do Baptists have the right to celebrate the Reformation?
  • Post tenebras lux. What a magnificent way to describe the rediscovery of the glorious doctrine of God’s grace!
  • One thing I’ve really appreciated during this year’s Reformation celebration is the focus on the women of the Reformation. Here is one article you should read, and here’s another.
  • Here’s  your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Sola scripture is protecting us against a lot more than you may think.
  • Pilgrim’s Progress is free for Kindle right now!
  • Ladies, if you haven’t visited the Equipping Eve website for awhile, you should stop by. The site has been given a major facelift with some new content and (hopefully) more on the way!
  • A brief reminder of the purpose and importance of trials.
  • I haven’t had the opportunity yet to listen to this, but am looking forward to doing so. Dr. Michael Haykin teaches on the witness of Lady Jane Grey:
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