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Well, Reformation Day is almost here. Do you have your Martin or Katie Luther costume ready? Or are you going as one of the Swiss Reformers? I mean, surely you are dressing up, aren’t you? I’m pretty sure only unsaved people don’t dress up as Reformers for Reformation Day.

Yes, I’m kidding. No, I’m not dressing up. I’m not attending a Reformation party. Yes, I know, now I’ll have to spend more time in purgatory. It’s fine, though, because I hear that spending time in imaginary places isn’t all that bad.

Source: Monergism

It is exciting to think that the Reformation has been ongoing (yes, ongoing, because the gospel is always under attack) for 500 years. Unfortunately, there has been a sort of Reformation reversal over the decades. Even more unfortunately, many professing Christians have either determined to remain indifferent or, even worse, have opted to join and progress this denial of Reformation doctrine (that is, biblical doctrine). That is why we must never cease to stand firm in the face of false teaching. Whether it is the false and damning doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, or the deceitful and equally deceiving principles of the prosperity gospel or the watered-down seeker-sensitive gospel, we must remain faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ and the gospel that we are saved by grace alone, by faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone.

As we remain faithful to these core doctrines, we must not be afraid to rebuke the false. At the same time, we must be mindful of our methods and our motivation as we do so. Above all, we must, in the midst of our faithfulness to the truth, not neglect to proclaim with boldness and compassion the truth of the gospel to those who are in bondage to these lies. Faithfulness to the truth is far more than condemning the false, it is proclaiming that same truth by which we measure true and false in the first place.

Okay, while I go put the finishing touches on my Reformation wall mural (my dining room is going to look fantastic when it’s finished), why don’t you sit back and spend a few minutes enjoying your Reformation-themed week in review (kind of):

  • There’s no link for this first point. I just needed to confess that I am not painting a Reformation Wall mural in my dining room. I figured most of you would guess that, but I wanted to clarify for those rogue few who took me seriously.
  • Is Ulrich Zwingli the forgotten Reformer?
  • John Knox in 200 words.
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable (okay, this one breaks with the Reformation theme).
  • Dr. Michael Haykin discusses Martin Luther.
  • National Geographic writes about the runaway nun who helped Martin Luther change the world.
  • These free books weren’t all written by Reformers, but I still had to share!
  • We are saved by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. Here’s what reformer Hugh Latimer had to say on the subject.
  • Women were reformers, too! Here’s five lessons we can learn from some of those women.
  • Steve Lawson teaches on the five solas of the Reformation:
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