Pray for Jess

There is a young woman—a wife, a mother, a daughter—whose time on this earth may be cut short, from our human perspective. She, like far too many, is fighting cancer. It has been a long battle. She grows worse each day.

I cannot imagine.

Such a schedule would weary the strongest of men, but one can nary imagine what this young woman experiences physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Not only is she fighting a physical battle for her own life, she is fighting that same fight for her two young boys. What mother could endure the thought of leaving her children behind, especially at a young age? What woman would be content to bid her husband goodbye, destined to never live out the Golden Years beside one another?

I cannot imagine.

To God’s great glory, this woman is saved. She knows her Savior; she serves her Lord, Jesus Christ. She and her husband both love the Lord and trust in—no doubt lean on—His sovereignty, even in tragedy. They have a loving church family and friends. God has provided richly, yet the physical trial remains.

Still, I cannot imagine.

The purpose of this post is simple. It is to ask you to pray. Pray for Jess. Pray for her husband, Chuck. Pray for her children. I am not asking that you pray for her healing in this life, though of course such a miracle would be welcome. Rather, I ask you to pray for comfort and peace for this woman, her husband, and her children. I ask that you pray that the great gospel of grace of salvation in Jesus Christ alone would be made evident in their lives, and that this same gospel would perhaps bring salvation to others who are watching. I ask you to praise God for the testimony of this woman’s life and to pray for His continued glory in even the darkest circumstances.

Jess is not the first young mother to be stricken with cancer and she certainly will not be the last. But she is a name we now know, a sister for whom we can specifically pray, and friends, that is a blessed privilege.

You should know that I do not know Jess personally. She, even in her illness, has ministered to members of my family. I have seen a mutual friendship, care, and love; the testimony of her life, then, has even ministered to me from afar. So I join you in praying from a distance, but I do ask you to pray. We serve a mighty and magnificent God. May the Good Shepherd of Jess’ soul bring her a comfort beyond comprehension.

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