Equipping Eve

Equipping Eve: A Victim of Spontaneous Baptism

The professing Christian community has a variety of views on baptism. In recent years, there was some controversy surrounding so-called “spontaneous baptisms,” but what does the Bible really say about this practice?

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  • Anonymous

    I admit I listened to this episode based on the title. I nodded in agreement when I heard you talking about Steven Furtick's “spontaneous” baptisms manual. I also read it when it was online and at the time thought that his tactics were almost exactly like the ones used when I was baptized years ago. But my heart about stopped when you described your own baptism experience. It was EXACTLY like mine, even at the same church and by the same “pastor”. So much so that I wonder if we were in the same crowd being baptized that day. Manipulation? I would almost say coercion. I have since left that church due to the manipulation among other atrocities that have been well publicized. I refused to be a part of their non-biblical practices. As far as false converts… one of the saddest parts for me while at that church is a DVD I have of my son at their summer camp. On the DVD my son is giving his “testimony”. He was in middle school at the time. He is now grown and NOT a believer. He gives an interesting reason why he was filmed by the church crew giving his testimony. Guess he was one more statistic of a child giving his life to Jesus at their camp that they could flash on the screen during the church service. But sadly, no, he was not a true convert, just a number, like so many at that church. The people there are NOT LOVED, they are used.

    – Deborah