Discernment and Revelation

Dr. Gary E. Gilley, pastor of Southern View Chapel, IL, believes that, “Despite the fact that the majority of conservative evangelical Christians since the Reformation have held to a cessationist position with regard to Divine revelation, true cessationists are rapidly disappearing.”

Photo: SVC

It is not uncommon to hear popular personalities within evangelicalism today claim that God has “spoken” to them via impressions, hunches, feelings, whispers or other extra-biblical means. Yet, what authority do these alleged revelations hold? Examining the issue, Gilley writes:

Since almost no one within Christianity (save the cults) is claiming revelation that is equivalent to the Bible, we are left with a dilemma. Is it possible for God to speak in a non-authoritative way? Is it possible for Him to speak something less than His inspired word? The continuationists seem to have invented a novel type of divine revelation; one that contradicts Scripture and defies reason. In the Bible, and logically, either God is speaking or He is not.

Gilley’s article is a worthwhile and helpful read for the Christian seeking to better understand this issue. View article →

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