Thursday’s Spurgeon

The following is excerpted from the same sermon as last week, entitled, “Ready, Ay, Ready!” and was preached on January 28, 1904:

“The graves are ready for us;” are we ready for the graves? Are we prepared to die,—prepared to rise again,—prepared to be judged,—prepared to plead the blood and righteousness of Christ as our ground of acceptance before the eternal throne? What is your answer, my hearer? Do you reply, in the words I quoted at the beginning of my discourse, “Ready, ay, ready”? Didst thou say Death, that I was wanted? Here I am, for thou didst call me. Didst thou say, O Heaven, that thou needest to receive another blood-bought one? “Ready, ay, ready! “O Christian men, always keep your houses in such good order that you will ever be “Ready, ay, ready! “Always keep your heart in such a state, your soul so near to Christ, and your faith so fully fixed on him, that, if you should drop dead in the street, or some accident should take away your life, you would be able cheerfully to say, “Ready, ay, ready! Ready for thee, O Death; ready to triumph over thee, and to pluck away thy sting! Ready for thee, O Grave, for where is now thy victory? Ready for thee, O Heaven, for, with thy wedding garment on, we are ready, ay, ready!” The Lord make us ready, for Christ’s sake! Amen.

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